Our Vision

Fair-minded, Collaborative, Passionate Innovators

Is it just us who notice a sort of gnawing undercurrent in K-12 education today? Most of us are working incredibly hard and want desperately to do right by our students and our communities. But we can’t help feeling like we are often just spinning our wheels.

For over a decade, the three of us have struggled with how to revolutionize education given our current reality. Based on numerous trials, with as many failures as successes, we’ve developed a five stage framework to transform education in as much of a linear manner as possible.

We offer a synthesis of the social and environmental revolution pushed for by Peter Senge, the cultivation of young people’s creativity and passion championed by Sir Ken Robinson, the innovative skills advocated by Tony Wagner and the fair-minded advanced thinkers proposed by the Foundation for Critical Thinking.

We draw on many other researchers in our framework: H. Lynn Erickson, Susan Brookhart, The National Research CouncilRobert Marzano, Clayton Christensen, Jim Knight, Loren Anderson & David Krathwohl to name a few.

Our five stage framework seeks to create concrete steps for educators to take toward cultivating fair-minded, collaborative, passionate innovators who will save the world. Stay tuned for Stage 1…starting on Monday!

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