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Test Yourself: Active Processing Quiz

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Happy Fourth of July to those of you in the States! While you are celebrating, take this quiz to test out your thinking about active processing.

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1) Your students are working on a paper about the causes of the Roman Empire’s collapse.  Do you…

A) give them a graphic organizer that outlines each paragraph of the essay (paragraph #1 =  introduction, paragraph #2 = cause 1 **hint see your notes from Tuesday***, paragraph #3 = cause 2).

B) design a lesson in which students create their own outlines and peer edit one another’s.


2) You are preparing students for a test tomorrow that will ask them to recall the stages of mitosis.  To maximize the number of students who pass, today in class you…

A) present a powerpoint on each of the stages and call on individual students to answer questions during your presentation.

B) have students read a paragraph about the stages, create a visual representation of each, and use their visuals to teach.

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3) In your end of the year evaluation meeting, an administrator asks you why you had students respond to the final chapter of Animal Farm via a silent conversation (see Tuesday’s post for a description of that strategy).  You say…

A) “It’s fun!  It really engages the students.”

B) “It helps me ensure all students are responding to the question and allows me to see what each student is thinking.”

C) “It gives students an opportunity to explore and refine their thinking by interacting with their peers’ thoughts.”

Share your answers below and explain your reasoning for each!  

1 thought on “Test Yourself: Active Processing Quiz”

  1. First question, ill go for ( b),because that way am allowing my students to work, think, and apply! They are doing the thinkin, and the work.
    Second question, also (b), am making my students use their imagination, thinking and giving points.
    Third , ( c)
    Happy 4th of july ya’ll :)🇺🇸

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