Innovation Series

Get on the bus!

Today’s Innovation Incubator comes from the UK:

StartUp Britain

From their website:

StartUp Britain is a national campaign by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, harnessing the expertise and passion of Britain’s leading businesspeople to celebrate, inspire and accelerate enterprise in the UK.

The campaign was founded by eight entrepreneurs and launched on 28th March 2011 by the Prime Minister, with the full support of the Chancellor and HM Government, although it is completely funded by our private-sector sponsors (BT Business, Dell, Intel, Intuit, Iris and PayPal).



The campaign includes a bus tour which traveled 1,236 miles around the UK to various locations where hopeful entrepreneurs could board the bus and receive mentoring and counseling from experienced business starters.

Pretty cool, right? Last year’s tour boasted over 10,000 start ups in attendance. Watch their YouTube video for more information.

It seems like neat initiatives like this are launched every day. How are our schools preparing students for this world? Maybe it’s beyond time we “get on the bus”?

What do you think?

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