Stage 3: Critical Thinking

Try this: The Logic Wheel

ImageLooking for a ready-to go classroom tool for critical thinking?  Try the logic wheel.  


The wheel is made up of the 8 elements of thought from the Foundation for Critical Thinking and can be applied to just about anything to gain a deeper analysis.  The questions it prompts can be questions that students begin to ask themselves automatically as they become more sophisticated critical thinkers.



Here’s an example for ELA:

Read the Malcolm X’s speech at the Oxford Union and ask the following questions:


  • What is Malcolm X’s purpose in this speech?
  • What is the question at issue?
  • What information does he present?
  • What inferences does he make?  How does he interpret that information?
  • What concepts and principles does cite to support his purpose?
  • What are his assumptions?
  • What are the implications of his speech?
  • What is his point of view?


Try it out yourself and let us know how it works!


What do you think?

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