Stage 1: Adult Learning and Leadership

How integrated is your life?


Each Tuesday we feature a “try this” technique, a quick and (usually) easy tip for improvement. Today’s recommendation comes from Total Leadership by Stew Friedman, a Wharton Business School professor.

In reaction to the rampant feelings of being overcommitted and stressed out, Friedman says,

“A commitment to better ‘work/life balance’ isn’t the solution. Balance is bunk. It’s a misguided notion that assumes we must always make trade-offs among the different aspects of our lives. A more realistic and more gratifying goal is better integration between work and the rest of life through the pursuit of four-way wins (work, home, community and self).” – HBR, September 2014

His recipe for better integration? Embrace three key principles: be real, be whole and be innovative.

Want to find out how integrated your life is and tips for improvement? Take this very short free quiz now!

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