What Makes a School Successful?

Dear Wonderful Ed2S Readers,

Your help is needed!  I’m working on nailing down a research question for my School Leadership Residency project at High Tech High’s GSE and would love your insights.

I’m interested in thinking about how we assess schools.  What factors do we currently consider?  Do those match with our goals for schools, for students?  What other factors should we use to determine if a school is successful? How do we measure those things?

Monday I shared my first draft of a research question along those lines with my colleagues.  You can see their feedback in the photo.  Now I’d love your thoughts.  How should I frame my question?  What research is a must-read?  What resources do you know of?

Any suggestions would be awesome.

Thank you!!!  Can’t wait to hear your ideas!!


Categories: Stage 1: Adult Learning and Leadership

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