Stage 2: Joyful and Efficient

Passion Tracker

Have you tried to find a decent template to help discover or track students’ passions? All I seem to find are advice columns telling parents and teachers to expose kids to a variety of activities and see what they seem to enjoy OR surveys that are geared toward adults. So I decided to make one myself. Here it is in printable format. I thought it would be good to give to students at the beginning of every school year so they can see how their interests evolve. Let us know what you think!

Name: _______________________________       Age: _____
Teacher: ______________________________    Grade: ____

Passion Tracker

I love reading books or watching movies about:

During the summer, my favorite things to do are:

I feel happiest when I am:

I am good at:

Something new I’d like to try is:

What do you think?

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