Ed2S Fellows

Stop, start, keep: resolutions from our wonderful fellows!

We are so lucky to have worked with a highly motivated, talented, committed group of Ed2Save Fellows last summer and throughout this school year. Whenever we start to feel overwhelmed or lose sight of our goals, we draw inspiration and direction from the examples they set!

During a recent collaborative meeting, some of our fellows discussed their 2015 resolutions. See their simple yet powerful ideas below:

Things I will STOP doing in 2015:

  • Letting teachable moments slip by (e.g. when there’s a moment that perpetuates gender stereotypes stepping in)

  • Skimping on sleep or skipping working out (just need to remind myself I will have more energy if I don’t lay on the couch thinking about how tired I am)

Things I will START doing:

  • Go paperless

  • Share more of what we do in my class across campus and invest students hearts, minds and souls in their work

  • Have students grapple more (both students who are used to straight A’s and kids who don’t think they can succeed)

  • Give kids the opportunity to use what they learn to impact the community and make our world better

Things I will KEEP doing:

  • Tap into my passion and remind myself everyday (even when it’s tough) “this is fun!”

This list reminds me that it’s just as important to take care of ourselves — physically, mentally, emotionally — as it is to take care of our kids. We have to be our best selves in front of them every day! Get your sleep, exercise, spend time laughing and having fun this weekend — it will make you better come Monday. : )

What do you think?

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