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An image is worth a thousand words…or a couple hundred thousand years

I love this image we created for our Fellowship Summit. How long has our modern design for schools been in existence? It often feels like we’ve always done school with desks in rows and a teacher in the front, students separated by age and written tests to check for learning — but the pink portion of the circle below shows that it’s only been in existence for less than 1% of human history. It is a design created for and in the image of the Industrial Era. I think of this image whenever I get a little afraid of innovation.

modern schools in context

2 thoughts on “An image is worth a thousand words…or a couple hundred thousand years”

  1. Yes, that’s right but unfortunately it is has been around for 200% of my lifetime 🙂

    Hard (but not impossible) to change those habits. That’s why we have to change our approaches to education to focus on developing holistic learners and that means changing the habits of a lifetime (not just the habits of a profession).

    1. Agreed. It’s very hard to bust out of what is so ingrained. Even those of us who are most revolutionary get stuck and often without even realizing it. That’s why we need each other to help us move beyond what’s comfortable. Thanks for your comment.

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