5 Day Educator Wellness Challenge

Here at Ed to Save the World, we believe that our well-being as educators is deeply tied to us doing the best work possible for the kiddos we serve.  So this week we’re going to focus on the challenge of living up our wellbeing goals!

To do that I’m going to pull back the curtain and share my own goals and challenges along with what’s working and what’s not as I strive meet the goal of leading a healthy, happy, balanced life!

Way back in January like many of you, I made some New Year’s resolutions.  To keep it simple, I decided to choose three big ideas (if you are a NPR fan these might sound familiar to you 😉 ):

  1. Be Well (eating clean by avoiding processed foods, exercising everyday – even if it’s just a walk, and getting enough sleep – at least 7 hours/night)
  2. Do Good Work (prioritizing to get what’s most important done first, making time for big picture thinking, being organized and efficient)
  3. Keep in Touch (connecting with people I love as well as my own passions)

I try to keep track of these goals using my calendar and reflecting each day.  This week I’ll be sharing those reflections as well as what I learn about what works and what doesn’t!  Want to get involved?  Share your health, happiness and wellbeing goals, challenges and tips in the comments below.  Together we can do this!

So get ready – it’s going to be a fun week of wellness!

2 thoughts on “5 Day Educator Wellness Challenge”

  1. I am also re-learning to prioritize. My husband once said, “plan your work. Then work your plan.” Wow. So simple, yet hard for me to truly focus on just that. This world distracts me so easily! But. It’s Tuesday and I am wrapping up two of my four job deadlines this week. I am also trying to take the time to reflect on what’s working / what’s not working as part of my personal mission statement practice. 😉

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