Wellness Wednesday: Why I Pack Lunch

Yesterday was Day 2 of my challenge and  though it was far from perfect, it was better than Day 1.  I worked out (small victory), but again had a lunch made up of cookies (I didn’t have time to microwave the sweet potato I brought to school). This two-day cookie streak inspired me to take the time last night make a better plan for lunch today.   I’m not much of a cook, but I spent about 10 minutes last night cutting up vegetables so I could roast them and bring them to school today.

Cookie Monster Our Planet
Bringing healthy food to school always makes me feel so much more centered and balanced so I thought in the spirit of Wellness Wednesday, I’d share some ideas about easy ways to make that happen!  I’m sure all of you have even more ideas so please go ahead and share them below.  Together we can tackle the cookies-for-lunch monster.

Slide1 Slide2

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