About Us

We are education practitioners that create tools and training for schools and teachers on five continents to break free of the Industrial Model of schooling. We provide a unique and compelling vision of 21st Century Education along with a roadmap and resources to get there. 

We offer free collaboratives, rubrics, examples and articles. We also offer teacher training, workshops, leadership coaching, curriculum and assessment writing as well as general advising on designing teaching and learning that maximizes results. Email: julie@edtosavetheworld.com for more information.

Vision: Learning organized around real-world problems that require the flexible application of each subjects’ concepts and skills with an eye toward identifying and developing kids’ passions.

Rationale: The world is changing in three major ways:

  • nature of work: from routine work to innovation and creativity
  • nature of human interaction: from individual, homogenous to diverse, globalizing teams
  • nature of our relationship to the planet: from take, use, discard to conserve, renew

Younger generations are living in a new reality. Therefore schools need to change to:

  • prepare young people for jobs of the 21st Century
  • prepare young people to tackle the problems of the world
  • channel and cultivate their motivation

Lots of experts are explaining these demands but few give educators a comprehensive roadmap. That’s what we do. We developed a 5 stage framework for transforming schools to meet the demands of the 21st Century. It’s specific without being prescriptive. It’s comprehensive without being overwhelming.

If you like these ideas, check out our free resources page, our elementary and secondary books and our game-changing workshop this summer!

More information on each of us:


​Julie Stern is an author, teacher trainer and instructional coach, supporting schools in transforming teaching and learning on four continents. She is passionate about maximizing human potential and breaking free of the industrial model of schooling. Her depth and breath of knowledge combined with her vision and contagious energy make her an in-demand workshop facilitator, instructional coach, author and advisor in many areas including visible learning, concept-based curriculum, differentiated classrooms and formative assessments. Julie is the author of Tools for Teaching Conceptual Understanding, is certified in researcher John Hattie’s Visible Learning as well as H. Lynn Erickson’s Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction. She is a Verified Master Trainer and has Coaching and Change Management Certificates from the Association for the Supervision of Training and Development. She has received training from Phi Beta Kappa International on Curriculum and Assessment and worked closely for many years as a Specialist for Dr. Erickson’s Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction Certification Institutes. She is a James Madison Constitutional Scholar and taught Social Studies for many years. She was also the Director of Public Policy and Curriculum Innovation, leading the revision of curriculum in all subject areas grades 6 – 12 at the Cesar Chavez Public Charter Schools in Washington, DC. She has a Master’s Degree in International Education from The George Washington University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Psychology from Loyola University New Orleans

Contact: julie@edtosavetheworld.com


Juliet Mohnkern is the Director at High Tech Middle North County in San Diego. She recently completed the Leadership Resident Program at the High Tech High Graduate School of Education Leadership. She is passionate about providing all students with equitable access to learning that is both academically rigorous and connected to the real world. Previously, she was the Director of Public Policy and Curriculum Innovation at Chavez Schools in Washington, DC. She also worked at Match Public Charter School in Boston.

Contact: juliet.mohnkern@gmail.com


Krista Fantin Ferraro is a History teacher and department chair at Thayer Academy in Boston. She was previously the Deputy Director of Public Policy and Curriculum Innovation as well as a History teacher at Chavez Schools where she repeatedly led her students to winning the DC We the People Constitutional competition.

Contact: krista.fantin.ferraro@gmail.com

Disclaimer: The opinions and ideas expressed by Juliet, Krista and Julie in Education to Save the World are theirs alone, and do not reflect the opinions of their employers.