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Create or Die

This incredibly bold statement is the title of Andrés Oppenheimer's new book about the hope of Latin America and the 5 keys of innovation. It's actually Crear o Morir because it's written in Spanish. Oppenheimer asks why the United States produced Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and countless other grand innovators, instead of any… Continue reading Create or Die

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Must-read Monday: Financial Gap Widens Nearly 50% in 10 Years

As Jill Barshay reports, it's difficult to accurately calculate the spending gap among schools especially at the state and local level. But the trend is clear: Poor schools are getting increasingly short-changed by the states and localities that fund them. The richest 25 percent of school districts receive 15.6 percent more funds from state and… Continue reading Must-read Monday: Financial Gap Widens Nearly 50% in 10 Years

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Must Read Monday: Is happiness overrated?

Everyone is talking about happiness. From Gretchen Ruben's New York Times best seller (pictured right) to that infectious Pharel song, we've become obsessed with finding the right recipe for joy in our lives. Psychologists like Barbara Frederickson have even modeled happiness in mathematical terms: according to Frederickson's research we need a 3:1 ratio of positive experiences to negative… Continue reading Must Read Monday: Is happiness overrated?

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My husband's favorite joke to tell our son is, "You have a choice: you can either have a sibling or go to college -- because we can't afford to send two kids to college." I tell him not to worry because by the time our kids are college-aged, I think the cost and delivery model… Continue reading COLLEGE! COLLEGE! …college?

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Trending: Future Ready

Have you heard this lately? Future Ready is a term used by a partnership between the US Department of Education and the Alliance for Excellent Education. It aims to ensure at least 99% of U.S. students have access to high-speed Internet in their schools in the next five years. That's pretty ambitious considering 70% don't have the… Continue reading Trending: Future Ready

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Must See Monday: Saturday school that works!

Most schools ask themselves, "Why would kids come to school on a Saturday?" but at Matthew Moss High School in Rochdale, UK, they're asking "Why would they not?" Welcome to the D6 program, profiled in the video below. D6 refers to the 6th day of the week, Saturday, and the opt-in programming offered to students who… Continue reading Must See Monday: Saturday school that works!

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Read this! Start your week with some innovation inspiration

Happy Monday! We're springing forward by keeping tabs on some exciting innovations in the ed community. Check out the two articles below to keep yourself in the know and hopefully spark some new ideas. 1) A New Way to Design School: A friend and former colleague - soon-to-be Principal Will Eden - has been working hard… Continue reading Read this! Start your week with some innovation inspiration

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An Invitation to School Leaders

Change is personal. Change is hard. Change can be scary. Immerse yourself and your team in the most effective principles and practices to transform your school or education organization at our two-day leadership retreat this summer. July 9 - 10 in Washington, DC We draw on the work of Michael Fullan, Peter Senge, Jim Knight… Continue reading An Invitation to School Leaders

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36 questions to transform your relationships

After a month of romantic movies on TV and shelves full of red and pink candy at the grocery stores, there's a little less love in the air this week. But that doesn't have to be the case. Although it may be a little less traditional, I'm planning to extend Valentine's Day with a little love experiment over the… Continue reading 36 questions to transform your relationships

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Trending: co-working spaces

Have you seen one on a block near you? These shared office spaces allow small businesses to share expensive rents in large urban areas -- but they serve another important purpose: diverse collaboration. The idea is that by bringing together people from different roles or industries, creativity rises.  This article from Harvard Business Review supports… Continue reading Trending: co-working spaces