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A Cure for Bad-News Fatigue

(This blog first appeared on Share My Lesson). Has anyone else been having trouble sleeping since the school shooting in Florida? Every single life lost before its time is a tragedy. For many of us, this one feels… different. Perhaps it’s the fact that we had three mass shootings so close together. Or that it… Continue reading A Cure for Bad-News Fatigue

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What does #metoo mean for schools?

(This blog was originally published on Share My Lesson) Recent revelations of sexual misconduct from public figures may feel very personal to you. Or it may seem far removed from the incredible demands on your time and attention. Chances are, you want to do something but feel that you simply can’t do much with this issue. What can we… Continue reading What does #metoo mean for schools?


Wellness Wednesday: 10 Tips for Avoiding Illness

It's October and for those in the United States, it signals the very beginning of cold and flu season. Working in schools puts us at greater risk of infection. Here are some tips for staying healthy. The general principles are to build up your immune system and avoid germs. Wash hands, wash hands, wash hands.… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: 10 Tips for Avoiding Illness


Wellness Wednesday: Compassion for Ourselves

As educators who want students to save the world via their learning, we probably spend most of our time looking out for and taking care of others. We do them a favor, actually, when we take a few minutes to be good to ourselves. No matter how busy you are or how long your to… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Compassion for Ourselves


Wellness Wednesday: Eating for Energy

If you are like me, you might need an energy boost a couple times a day. Lately I've been reaching for sugary snacks way more than I should. Yesterday I ate a brownie after lunch and snacked on sugary junk all afternoon. And yesterday evening, I crashed. It was painful. And then I didn't sleep… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Eating for Energy

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Wellness Wednesday: Are we melting their brains?

Earlier this month, art students at Burlington High School in Massachusetts were asked to create pieces that responded to this question: "How do you FEEL about standardized tests?" Their teacher, Ms. Chang, published some of their pieces on her class website, here. Check out two of the pieces below. The first is by Josephine Samarjian and… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Are we melting their brains?


Wellness Wednesday: Feeling Frazzled

I feel like a hypocrite writing about wellness today because this is what I feel like right now: In less than two weeks I have a Spanish test, my son ends day care and the next day we move out of our apartment and take a six-hour car trip with a toddler. Sprinkle in three more… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Feeling Frazzled


Wellness Wednesday: Thank somebody

The school year is drawing to a close. Kids are taking final exams, cleaning out their lockers, and heading off with another grade under their belts. Those of us who work in schools are busy finalizing grades, planning graduations and organizing awards assemblies. These last few weeks are packed with activity and it can be tough to… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Thank somebody


Research says…stop working so hard!

As we head into the weekend, keep in mind a few words of advice from the experts who remind us that not only is it unenjoyable, it's unproductive to work so much! In a recent New York Times article, "Relax! You'll be more productive," Tony Schwartz urges us to pay attention to a "new and… Continue reading Research says…stop working so hard!


Wellness Wednesday: Overcoming Ego

Our ego is the force that is convinced that we are perfect. It does all kinds of ridiculous things to try and make that impossible idea true. When was the last time you got frustrated with someone or with a situation? Mine was today when I was late for a doctor's appointment. It seemed every… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Overcoming Ego