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What will be the new normal of schooling?

Here at Ed2S we frequently ask ourselves, "What would Copernicus do?" We ask that question because we believe we are living in the midst of a major transformation in the way we think about formal schooling. Copernicus is the scientist credited for proving that the earth revolves around the sun, not the other way around as was previously… Continue reading What will be the new normal of schooling?

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Being, Thinking and Doing in the Post-Industrial Era

Here at Ed to Save the World, we push for a Post-Industrial Era framework to transform teaching and learning. But it's not just about teaching and learning. It's a whole new way of being, thinking and doing. What does that mean? Being Goals: Creative Passionate Generous Thinking Goals: Interdisciplinary Critical Conceptual Doing Goal: Make the… Continue reading Being, Thinking and Doing in the Post-Industrial Era

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Worth repeating…

Good morning, it's Julie here. Last Friday Krista wrote this: If we want to meet the demands of the 21st century, we need schools that cultivate collaborative innovators with an entrepreneurial spirit who will serve as ambitious, engaged global citizens and make our world more just, healthy, and sustainable.  As my niece would say, "Boom!" Love that. I… Continue reading Worth repeating…

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Ed2Save in 15 Words or Less

Okay, okay, maybe not exactly 15 words or less. But today I'm challenging myself to convey the mission, vision, spirit, and uniqueness of Ed to Save the World in the context of other movements in education using as few words as possible. Today, take a moment to think about how you might convey your own… Continue reading Ed2Save in 15 Words or Less

Ed2S Fellows, Our Vision

Transforming Education – Resources from the 2014 Summit!

Concerned about the future of the planet? Of humanity? Worried about bored, disengaged students who aren't getting what they need from our school system? Interested in transforming education to meet the demands of the 21st century? So are we! Take a look at some of the resources from our 2014 Fellows Summit (attached here). We're… Continue reading Transforming Education – Resources from the 2014 Summit!

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The Ed to Save the World Vision

Our goal is to provide a roadmap for school transformation to meet the demands of the 21st Century. Our title “Education to Save the World” is not trying to be cheeky. We know what’s at stake and we think schools can make a big difference. From The Necessary Revolution by Peter Senge, et al: More than a third… Continue reading The Ed to Save the World Vision

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We’re back! (and ready for change)

Okay that was a busy couple of weeks and our apologies for falling off the blogging bandwagon.  We’re back now and ready to keep rolling.  Before we jump into our normal pattern though, a quick reflection.  The hectic-ness of the last few weeks stemmed from one thing and one thing over everything else: change.  So… Continue reading We’re back! (and ready for change)

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Teaching Is Intellectually Complex Work

Have you ever been at a dinner party when this scenario occurred? And what do you do? I’m a teacher. Oh that’s nice...(turns to another person at the party) Unfortunately many of us have had that experience.  In the US we have a pretty serious problem with respect for the teaching profession. The idea that… Continue reading Teaching Is Intellectually Complex Work

Innovation Series, Our Vision

How I Innovate: Blended Profit

How I Innovate Series Inspiring and informative stories from people who use  innovation to make the world a better place Today we kick off of our “How I Innovate” series featuring people from all different fields who are creating unique ways to save the world.  Every Friday will feature a new person and we hope… Continue reading How I Innovate: Blended Profit

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Fair-minded, Collaborative, Passionate Innovators

Is it just us who notice a sort of gnawing undercurrent in K-12 education today? Most of us are working incredibly hard and want desperately to do right by our students and our communities. But we can't help feeling like we are often just spinning our wheels. For over a decade, the three of us… Continue reading Fair-minded, Collaborative, Passionate Innovators