Modern Literacies Network

Building an ecology of practices and pedagogies for navigating our complex world

Of all the phrases floating in education’s buzzword soup, 21st Century Learning has become one of the soggiest. It’s not that there’s anything inherently wrong with it. On the contrary, its ubiquity speaks to its relevance. Our goal is to place the countless programs, initiatives, and pedagogies that seek to bring new ways of thinking, knowing, doing, into education and unite them under a shared Modern Literacies vision

Whether we’re passionate about digital citizenship, social emotional learning, or design thinking, we’re united by our belief that we need to accelerate and advance the teaching of competencies that students need to navigate our complex world. How might better integration and advocacy change the conversation around curriculum and instruction? Let’s coordinate, connect, and support people and organizations who share those values. Join us! Sign up here to receive updates and more information.  

MLN Labs

MLN Labs bring teachers and organizations together to collaborate on generating classroom ready resources. Each lab focuses on one Modern Literacy domain to create a learning progression around real-world challenges. 

MLN Symposiums

MLN Symposiums bring thought-leaders, policy makers, and other stakeholders together to discuss and coordinate ways we can accelerate the adoption of Modern Literacies in schools.

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