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Our online courses are here! Visit our course offering page here and our schedule of upcoming courses here.

We use a cohort model so that participants can engage with other educators from across the globe. Each course sells out fast when we open registration.

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Learning Transfer Endorsed Educator This course is designed to harness the momentum of educators from around the world who are passionate about ensuring our students are able to transfer their learning to new and complex situations. Those who complete the course receive a badge you can use on social media and your names listed on this site. This course is designed to build a network of educators from around the world who collaborate on conceptual understanding and learning transfer. We hope all participants are familiar with our work and are ready to become official contributors to expanding the resources and thinking of this important aspect of teaching and learning. 

Length of course: 6 weeks. Time needed: Approximately 60-90 minutes per week. Fee: $50 USD 


Leading Conceptual Learning and Transfer This course is for instructional leaders who want to sharpen their leadership skills to guide teachers through the change process of putting conceptual learning and transfer at the heart of instruction. Course materials are designed to compliment seamlessly with busy leaders’ current responsibilities. Participants will coach one or two teachers (in person or virtually), implement short-term action plans, and build long-term action plans with targeted feedback from us and peers from around the world. 

Length of course: 8 weeks. Time needed: Approximately 60-90 minutes per week. Fee: $249 USD

Coming soon… Targeted courses such as: 

  • Interdisciplinary Learning
  • Learning Transfer for English Language Arts
  • Learning Transfer for early elementary
  • Learning Transfer for Mathematics
  • Learning Transfer for Science
  • Learning Transfer for Social Studies
  • Assessing Learning that Transfers 
  • And more!
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