Partner School Program

How do we prepare students for life-long learning and to navigate the demands of an ever-changing, complex world? A focus on learning transfer and conceptual understanding empowers students to lead meaningful lives and to make the world a better place for all.

In recent years, we have partnered with schools to conduct ongoing training and support instead of a one-time workshop. We typically conduct workshops either in-person or via video seminars, and then provide direct support to curriculum and lesson development with teachers. Long-term results require coordinated, sustained effort. Work with our team for customizable training and support for measurable results. Combining key ideas from cognitive science, education research, and forward-thinking pedagogy, we can provide inspiration and concrete tools to transform teaching and learning.

The journey map below outlines the overall picture of working with us as a partner school. We are now accepting inquiries for the 2020-2021 academic year — we can do it all virtually including powerful professional learning! — and would love to chat about how we might work with your school or district. Click here for a detailed list of success criteria and a sample schedule, and email for more information and pricing options.

Journey Map

Also available as individual services


Our team will help you dream big about the type of school and educational environment you want to create for all your stakeholders.


Our team will help you articulate and establish a vision for your school and learning community that aligns with your unique vision and values.


Our team will help you construct a curriculum that will excite teachers, engage learners, and promote learning transfer. 


Our team will walk you through steps for implementation that will ensure your leaders and staff have the tools to make your curriculum and vision a reality.


Our team will provide ongoing support and assistance to help you remain agile as you learn and grow as a school community.

Places We’ve Worked

Blue markers indicate recent and current Partner Schools. 

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