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The five lesson frameworks below combine Concept-Based Learning with other initiatives:

Lesson Framework Generating Hypotheses

Examples – Generating and Testing Hypotheses


The Workshop Model

Inquiry + CBCI

Personalized Learning + CBCI

Example Big Ideas:

MATH big ideas examples

Language Arts Big Idea Examples

MUSIC big ideas examples

SCIENCE big ideas examples

SOCIAL STUDIES big ideas examples

History Conceptual Framework v3

PE Generalizations

World Language Big Ideas

Social Emotional Learning

Teacher and Leader Self-Reflection Surveys

Equitable Classrooms Self-Reflection

Cultivating Passion – Teacher Self-Assessment

Teacher Action Steps 1

Leadership quiz

Leadership Rubric

Jim Knight’s Communication Profile (from Better Conversations)

Water Crisis on the Nile Lesson plan:


Water Crisis Sources for SS Lesson Plan

Solution graphic organizer

Scarcity Images

Power Images

Nations Images

Resources Images

Additional resources:

CBCI rubrics

Tips for Feedback

Concept Attainment

Visible Thinking Routines

Critical Thinking Rubric

Socratic Seminar Instructions

Socratic Seminar Rubric



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