Stage 2: Joyful and Efficient, Stage 3: Conceptual Understanding, Stage 3: Critical Thinking, Stage 5: Students as World Changers

How to Honor Childhood with Intellectual Rigor

This blog first appeared on Share My Lesson. Has anyone ever told you that young children aren’t capable of having abstract thoughts? That was the prevailing view when I studied psychology many moons ago. But recent research and practical experience are challenging this conventional wisdom. According to Eager to Learn, the National Research Council’s report on… Continue reading How to Honor Childhood with Intellectual Rigor

Stage 3: Conceptual Understanding

Advanced Concept-Based Workshop

Have you been working with concepts in your curriculum for a while? Have you already received training on concept-based curriculum and would like to explore more deeply how to assess it and how to introduce it to students? This is the workshop for you! Participants will leave with concrete examples, templates and the start of… Continue reading Advanced Concept-Based Workshop

Stage 3: Conceptual Understanding

Trending: Concepts are the new focus in AP courses

The College Board has introduced a wave of Advanced Placement (AP) course revisions to take place over the next few years. The big trend we see in revised courses? More room for big ideas and less emphasis on  memorizing a vast body of details. If you've ever taught an AP course you know what a… Continue reading Trending: Concepts are the new focus in AP courses