Stage 3: Conceptual Understanding

Throwback Thursday: How to Honor Einstein, Mandela, and Steve Jobs

Educators today seem to be faced with a choice: Keep teaching centuries-old ways of organizing the world through traditional disciplines such as math, science and music or throw it all out in favor of innovation, creativity and problem-solving skills.  OR It is a false choice. Maybe it's even paralyzing us and therefore not allowing change.… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: How to Honor Einstein, Mandela, and Steve Jobs

News and Trends, Stage 5: Students as World Changers

Selling the problem (not just the solution)

For many of us, the transformation of our schools cannot happen fast enough. We look out a world where we can find out what caused the War of 1812 or why adding salt to water makes it boil hotter with a 10-second Google search, where we can teach ourselves to knit or program computers via YouTube,… Continue reading Selling the problem (not just the solution)

Ed2S Fellows

The Fellowship Countdown!

Good morning! Summer is just around the corner and Julie, Juliet and I are busy preparing for our Innovation Summit, which will kick off the 2015-16 Fellowship this July in Washington, DC. We can't wait to re-charge and re-inspire ourselves by working with our awesome Fellows! Thinking about applying to join us as a Fellow? Consider… Continue reading The Fellowship Countdown!

Ed2S Fellows

Two Fronts in the Fight for Social Justice

Today we're excited to share an article by one of our 2014 Ed to Save the World Fellows. Ayo Magwood is a history teacher at an independent school in Washington, DC. Ayo's classroom is an incredible laboratory of democracy, justice, and critical thinking -- students are challenged not only to learn U.S. history, but to… Continue reading Two Fronts in the Fight for Social Justice

Stage 1: Adult Learning and Leadership

Trending: Action Research

Here’s a quotation to start off your week: “We Have Met the Audience and She Is Us” That’s the title of Judith Bradshaw Brown’s contribution Hubbard and Power’s Living Questions: A Guide for Teacher Researchers.  Bradshaw’s title suggests a pretty awesome and simple idea that is embedded in the concept of action research - the supposition that in… Continue reading Trending: Action Research

Stage 1: Adult Learning and Leadership

#4 Reflect, renew, recalibrate

The Dalai Lama writes in his Ethics for the New Millennium: Happiness arise from virtuous causes.  If we truly desire to be happy, there is no other way to proceed but by way of virtue: it is the method by which happiness is achieved.  And, we might add, that the basis of virtue, its ground,… Continue reading #4 Reflect, renew, recalibrate

Book Club

5 Resolutions for the New Year

I recently found some “Happy New Year’s” cards I bought last winter during a bout of optimism about my ability to send them out during the busy holiday season.  After kicking myself for not using them, I realized that New Year’s really doesn’t have that much significance in my world.  Sure you put on awesome… Continue reading 5 Resolutions for the New Year

Influential Thinkers

#9: Chip and Dan Heath – Switch

Yesterday we looked at the theory of transformation posed by Daszko and Sheinberg in their article "Survival is Optional." Much of their theory rests on the idea that: "Transformation is motivated by survival, by the realization that everything needs to change or the organization will die; that a significant breakthrough in mindset  is needed in order to… Continue reading #9: Chip and Dan Heath – Switch

Influential Thinkers

#6 David Conley – Getting Ready for College, Careers, and the Common Core

David Conley opens his most recent book Getting Ready for College, Careers, and Common Core with this paragraph: Teachers want students to learn.  It’s one of the most basic reasons people go into teaching, and it’s certainly one of the basic expectations society has of teachers.   However, supporting students to learn requires more than presenting… Continue reading #6 David Conley – Getting Ready for College, Careers, and the Common Core

Influential Thinkers

#4 Tony Wagner – Creating Innovators

It used to be that we could rely on an education system that created innovators by accident.  People that changed the world with new ideas were the exception, not the rule.  In his book Creating Innovators, Tony Wagner argues we can no longer afford this approach to doing school.   Developing young people who can… Continue reading #4 Tony Wagner – Creating Innovators