Ed2S Fellows

Join us in discovering the next frontier of schooling

Do you dream of busting out of the factory model of education? Become an Ed to Save the World Fellow and push the boundaries of how we teach and learn! July 6 - 8, 2016 in Washington, DC. Click here for the application or email julie@edtosavetheworld.com for more information.

Stage 2: Joyful and Efficient

Build a culture of cooperative learning

“Cooperative learning is an unusually strong psychological success story.” In their article from Educational Researcher, University of Minnesota professors David Johnson & Roger Johnson cite more than 1,200 studies comparing cooperative, competitive, and individualistic learning structures, with cooperation emerging the clear winner. The average person in a cooperative learning situation performs two-thirds of a standard… Continue reading Build a culture of cooperative learning

Stage 1: Adult Learning and Leadership

Throwback Thursday: The Future of Teaching

Here's a great August 2013 post from Juliet that resonated with me this morning!  The way we work is changing.  In Time magazine’s series on the future of work, Seth Godin wrote “Work will mean managing a tribe, creating a movement and operating in teams to change the world.”  Say sayonara to cubicles, data entry, and… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: The Future of Teaching

Stage 5: Students as World Changers

Using Math to Save the World

Although we seldom talk about them on the blog, our husbands are big supporters and contributors to Ed to Save the World. All three of them have backgrounds in education and their advice, expertise, and humor are invaluable to our operation. This week, we're proud to feature Craig Ferraro's "Statistical Servants," which refers to the big… Continue reading Using Math to Save the World

Ed2S Fellows

Collaborate on the cutting edge of education

  We are ready to select our second class of Fellows! The Innovation Summit is scheduled for July 6 - 8 in Washington, DC. Find out more details here and complete the application here. Or email us at edtosavetheworld@gmail.com with questions. Let's make it happen!

Stage 1: Adult Learning and Leadership

Three Secrets of Effective Teams

Okay, so maybe these three things aren't so secret since they were featured in a popular New York Times article called "Why Some Teams are Smarter Than Others." Still, I've read many similar leadership "lists" and none struck me quite like the research from this article. Perhaps it's because the results of this study were so… Continue reading Three Secrets of Effective Teams

Ed2S Fellows

1st Fellows Collaborative!

We're excited to announce our first Ed2S Fellows collaborative coming up this Tuesday at 6pm (EST).  The goal of the collaborative is to: Leverage collective experiences to strategize how we communicate to our own key stakeholders about the importance transforming education to meet the demands of the 21st century The collaborative is open to all educators committed to transforming education and  will be taking… Continue reading 1st Fellows Collaborative!

Influential Thinkers

#4 Tony Wagner – Creating Innovators

It used to be that we could rely on an education system that created innovators by accident.  People that changed the world with new ideas were the exception, not the rule.  In his book Creating Innovators, Tony Wagner argues we can no longer afford this approach to doing school.   Developing young people who can… Continue reading #4 Tony Wagner – Creating Innovators

Innovation Series

Innovation Incubator: Epicenter

Standford University's National Center for Engineering Pathways to Innovation seeks to teach engineering students how to innovate for social good. From the website: Our Mission is to empower U.S. undergraduate engineering students to bring their ideas to life for the benefit of our economy and society. Partial funding comes from the National Science Foundation and the partners… Continue reading Innovation Incubator: Epicenter

Stage 1: Adult Learning and Leadership

Try This: Trust Someone Today

Here's today's challenge: trust someone.  Yesterday we touched on the importance of trusting relationships to innovative organizations - now let's make it happen.  So whatever your job is, think about who you can trust today.  Try it out and let us know how it goes.  Need a little inspiration?  Check out this discussion on trust… Continue reading Try This: Trust Someone Today