Ed2S Fellows

Changing the college application game

Today we feature 2014 Ed2Save Fellow Dr. Deb Felix. Formerly a university admissions officer, she now works with families to help students find the path that is best for them after high school. She is passionate about helping to transform schools into places that appropriately develop every student according to their strengths, passions, needs and desires. Why… Continue reading Changing the college application game

Stage 4: Disciplinary Thinking

But Are We Preparing Them For College?

If you have been in education long enough I guarantee you have heard this phrase: But I have to teach that way – I need to prepare them for college. It’s a sentence we’re heard uttered middle through high school, about all types of teaching: lecturing, high stakes exams, an emphasis on memorizing facts. In… Continue reading But Are We Preparing Them For College?