Stage 1: Adult Learning and Leadership, Stage 2: Active Processing

Three Rules to Spark Learning

If you're in the mood for a little inspiration this morning, take a peek at this 2013 Ted Talk from chemistry teacher Ramsey Musallam. In it, he reminds us to not confuse technology use with innovation in education. Flipping your classroom, for instance, so that students watch video lectures at home rather than in… Continue reading Three Rules to Spark Learning

Stage 2: Active Processing, Stage 2: Joyful and Efficient

Play = Learning!

What's our knee jerk reaction when we see a kid doing something like this? That's my 10-month old son -- and he is CONSTANTLY into everything. I must admit my split second reaction is one of "grab him and get him interested in something else." But then I recall all the research I'm doing on… Continue reading Play = Learning!

Innovation Series

Can curiosity drive learning in schools?

The vast majority of learning in today's schools is controlled by adults: what, when, for how long, etc. Students receive schedules, most with no choice at all, go to assigned classrooms and complete whatever tasks are asked of them. This is quite practical. But is it best? New research is revealing just how important curiosity… Continue reading Can curiosity drive learning in schools?