Stage 4: Disciplinary Thinking

Do you sometimes (accidentally) sabotage learning?

In my first years as a teacher, I spent hours and hours preparing for each lesson plan...and we should make sure they are very carefully thought out! But I've changed the questions that I ask myself when planning. I used to think... What information or skills do I need to convey to the students? What… Continue reading Do you sometimes (accidentally) sabotage learning?

Stage 3: Conceptual Understanding

Think about…process vs. product

When we think about the difference between novices and experts, usually we think about the distinctions between the products these two groups create. Experts compose lengthy, eloquent analysis with 1" margins and double spaced lines. Novices write fragments and run-ons with little regard to presentation. Experts invent solutions to complex problems or develop scientific theories… Continue reading Think about…process vs. product