Testing and Assessments

Formative Assessments: It’s about growth and behavior change!

First, we must acknowledge three things about assessments: We are not experts on testing, especially about when and how to assign scores or grades The whole enterprise is fraught with questions of legitimacy and fairness It is such an enormous part of formal schooling The three of us dream of a teaching and learning setting… Continue reading Formative Assessments: It’s about growth and behavior change!

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What does differentiation really mean?

Lately, and rightly so, there seems to be a lot of buzz around differentiation, personalized learning, personalization, individualization... and many folks are trying to distinguish among them. The MAJOR distinction, it seems, is whether or not the goals of students remain the same for all students. Although we at Ed to Save the World hope for… Continue reading What does differentiation really mean?

News and Trends

Trending: Personalized Learning

What does 21st Century Learning or education innovation really mean? It's a concept that often has assumed agreement -- but it needs a lot of unpacking and discussion. There seems to be a set of trends for what topics dominate "education innovation" over the course of the last three decades: 1990s: Increased rigor, college access for all… Continue reading Trending: Personalized Learning