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Teaching for Transfer

In an increasingly complicated world, it is essential that we honor the research-rich past and harness children’s natural curiosity as we look to the future. How do we move beyond surface learning to reach deeper comprehension? What strategies help students make connections between ideas and use their learning to unlock new situations? This webinar shares… Continue reading Teaching for Transfer

Stage 5: Students as World Changers

Try this: Inspire Curiosity

We’re all experienced it: the sudden and unshakeable desire to know something or to figure something out. But, what sparks that feeling?  What makes us need to know? In this article in Knowledge Quest, psychologist Daniel Willingham of University of Virginia describes the three steps of a curiosity  “episode”: We see a mental challenge that… Continue reading Try this: Inspire Curiosity

Stage 2: Joyful and Efficient

Learning (and Teaching) to Embrace Joy

Today we honored to have Laura McCarthy as our guest blogger.  Laura is a first year pre-K teacher at a school in Washington DC and an Inspired Teaching Fellow.  Note to secondary teachers: we can learn so much from our colleagues who work with the littlest of little people.  Take a few moments to read… Continue reading Learning (and Teaching) to Embrace Joy

Stage 5: Students as World Changers

Try This: Redesign Your Space in the New Year

If we build it, they will come  -  innovative collaborators that is. This January take a few minutes to pause and think about how your space is influencing learning. Is the space set-up to help students work collaboratively?  Are there resources to fuel inquiry?  Is there a way for students explore problems across the disciplines… Continue reading Try This: Redesign Your Space in the New Year

Stage 5: Students as World Changers

Try This – Let Students Choose

Wondering what real world topic your students should tackle next? Try letting students decide. The engagement, passion, and ownership that comes out letting students choose their own topic for exploration is pretty powerful. So how do you do it?   First -  Think about the goals:  What does this task, project need to accomplish?  What… Continue reading Try This – Let Students Choose

Stage 4: Disciplinary Thinking

What’s missing from STEM?

Which is more important?                or           Tough question right?   What about this - if we have to cut the budget which goes first science or art?  Unfortunately we all know the answer to that question.  What we don’t know is where our assumptions… Continue reading What’s missing from STEM?

Stage 3: Conceptual Understanding

Think about…the rules of the game

Here's a quick experiment: Look at the below chess board for 5 seconds and then look away.  No cheating.   Now try to reconstruct the board in your mind.  How many pieces can you correctly place? Now answer this question:  do you play chess? What does this have to do with concepts-based teaching and learning?… Continue reading Think about…the rules of the game

News and Trends, Stage 3: Critical Thinking

Trending: Failing Forward

What’s the best mistake you ever made? Often we remind ourselves (and our students) that we can succeed despite failure, but how often do we think about failure as a key step on the path to achievement? That’s the idea behind failing forward.   As we shift towards an economy founded on innovative thinking and… Continue reading Trending: Failing Forward

Stage 3: Conceptual Understanding

Your Turn: Implementing Concept-Based in a Large District

Today we feature Nancy Kreth, Elementary Science Curriculum and Instruction Specialist for Northside School District in San Antonio, Texas. Her words follow:  Transforming Teaching and Learning in a Large District: Our Concept Based Curriculum Journey As a Central Office Curriculum and Instruction Specialist in a large, diverse district, when I think of transforming teaching and… Continue reading Your Turn: Implementing Concept-Based in a Large District

Stage 2: Joyful and Efficient

Your Turn: Teaching “I Can”

What do London cab drivers and Michael Jordan have in common?  Today we're excited to post an idea from Liza Enrich, a chemistry teacher in Washington, DC that answers that question.  Liza joined us on Sunday for the collaborative and shared her thinking about the importance of starting off the year by teaching students about… Continue reading Your Turn: Teaching “I Can”