Stage 5: Students as World Changers

Big Questions, Big Solutions

How do we empower students to handle complexity -- and change the world? This question has always been at the heart of our work. And we continue to develop and refine resources that show us the way. In the craziness of the last week (I did three days of trainings in Australia, then a workshop… Continue reading Big Questions, Big Solutions

Innovation Series

How I Innovate: Smiling Hearts Foundation

Today we feature an interview with Nada Taan Mackie who started a child-centered organization called Smiling Hearts. She is a role model for giving back to the community in which she resides.   1.What is the goal of the Smiling Hearts Foundation and how do you achieve it? Our goal is to better the lives… Continue reading How I Innovate: Smiling Hearts Foundation

Stage 1: Adult Learning and Leadership


We are in a sentimental mood as Krista gets married this weekend! Continuing with our theme on adults as learners + sentimental mood = discussion of courage. Researcher Brene Brown explains courage and vulnerability in this video. She says that the original meaning of courage is to tell the story of who you are with… Continue reading Courage.

Stage 1: Adult Learning and Leadership

7 False Conflicts in Education

I was initially trained in experiential education and was convinced it was the best way to learn. When I saw it done poorly and soon thereafter saw a traditional classroom done really well this may have been how I looked: Perhaps too much energy is spent arguing for one way over another, especially when it… Continue reading 7 False Conflicts in Education