Stage 3: Conceptual Understanding

What No One Tells You About Bloom’s Taxonomy

This blog first appeared on Share My Lesson Spread the word: The triangle is not the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy. Why does this matter? All good teachers savor “aha” moments—when students demonstrate deep understanding, make connections, or transfer their learning to new situations. Most educators aim for a level of comprehension that moves beyond simple memorization. We want… Continue reading What No One Tells You About Bloom’s Taxonomy

Stage 5: Students as World Changers

Big Questions, Big Solutions

How do we empower students to handle complexity -- and change the world? This question has always been at the heart of our work. And we continue to develop and refine resources that show us the way. In the craziness of the last week (I did three days of trainings in Australia, then a workshop… Continue reading Big Questions, Big Solutions

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Teaching for Transfer

In an increasingly complicated world, it is essential that we honor the research-rich past and harness children’s natural curiosity as we look to the future. How do we move beyond surface learning to reach deeper comprehension? What strategies help students make connections between ideas and use their learning to unlock new situations? This webinar shares… Continue reading Teaching for Transfer

Stage 3: Critical Thinking

Teaching research skills in the 21st century

I teach history, which means I teach a fair amount of research. I ask students to engage in short-term web-based research in class on their iPads to introduce them to a new unit, and often ask them to find articles to answer an essential question at home for homework. In my 9th and 11th grade… Continue reading Teaching research skills in the 21st century

Stage 2: Joyful and Efficient

Peer Relationships: Their Lives Depend On Them

I always understood that my relationships with students would reduce the number of discipline problems, increase motivation and ultimately learning. But -- WOW -- I wish I had known more about the importance of student-to-student relationships when I first started teaching. I never spent much time on the anti-bullying craze not because I didn't think… Continue reading Peer Relationships: Their Lives Depend On Them