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What does #metoo mean for schools?

(This blog was originally published on Share My Lesson) Recent revelations of sexual misconduct from public figures may feel very personal to you. Or it may seem far removed from the incredible demands on your time and attention. Chances are, you want to do something but feel that you simply can’t do much with this issue. What can we… Continue reading What does #metoo mean for schools?

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Teaching for Transfer

In an increasingly complicated world, it is essential that we honor the research-rich past and harness children’s natural curiosity as we look to the future. How do we move beyond surface learning to reach deeper comprehension? What strategies help students make connections between ideas and use their learning to unlock new situations? This webinar shares… Continue reading Teaching for Transfer

Stage 3: Conceptual Understanding, Stage 5: Students as World Changers

3 Steps for Teaching Innovation to Tackle Complex Problems

This post first appeared on Corwin Connect. On October 4, 1957, the Soviets launched Sputnik, making outer space the next battleground of the Cold War. It also sent a shockwave through the American public that demanded improvements in U.S. schools. With current tensions with North Korea, a renewed civil rights battle, and incomprehensible tragedies like… Continue reading 3 Steps for Teaching Innovation to Tackle Complex Problems

Testing and Assessments

How would your priorities change?

  One of the purposes of this blog is to push our thinking beyond our current boundaries. So, today I wonder how our priorities would change if we measured only two things: 1) How fulfilled are the lives of our students and alumni? 2) What impact are they making on the world? Sound too idealistic?… Continue reading How would your priorities change?

Stage 2: Joyful and Efficient

Think about…fostering students’ talents

In a content-centered classroom, the emphasis is on the knowledge, not the students. I used to ask myself questions like, "How can I get students interested in social studies, science or math?" And I thought this made me a student-centered or child-centered teacher. But if the goal of education shifts from a transmission of knowledge… Continue reading Think about…fostering students’ talents