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A Cure for Bad-News Fatigue

(This blog first appeared on Share My Lesson). Has anyone else been having trouble sleeping since the school shooting in Florida? Every single life lost before its time is a tragedy. For many of us, this one feels… different. Perhaps it’s the fact that we had three mass shootings so close together. Or that it… Continue reading A Cure for Bad-News Fatigue

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5 ways to preview content and access prior knowledge

How do we turn on the brain and get it ready for the day's lesson? There are a number of strategies to help students connect what they already think or know about a topic -- and help us to see what they already know or might misunderstand before we get started. Anticipatory guide - Make… Continue reading 5 ways to preview content and access prior knowledge

Stage 2: Active Processing, Stage 2: Joyful and Efficient

Classroom Tools – The Remix

Last week I had a video conference with teachers from the Choueifat Lebanese School in Beirut. These teachers have been working hard for two years to use our framework in their school, starting with joyful and efficient classrooms. They are doing a terrific job in transforming their classrooms into student-centered, fun spaces that maximize learning… Continue reading Classroom Tools – The Remix