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A Cure for Bad-News Fatigue

(This blog first appeared on Share My Lesson). Has anyone else been having trouble sleeping since the school shooting in Florida? Every single life lost before its time is a tragedy. For many of us, this one feels… different. Perhaps it’s the fact that we had three mass shootings so close together. Or that it… Continue reading A Cure for Bad-News Fatigue


Wellness Wednesday: Eating for Energy

If you are like me, you might need an energy boost a couple times a day. Lately I've been reaching for sugary snacks way more than I should. Yesterday I ate a brownie after lunch and snacked on sugary junk all afternoon. And yesterday evening, I crashed. It was painful. And then I didn't sleep… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Eating for Energy


Wellness Wednesday: Savor Every Bite

Early in my teaching career, I worked for a principal who was on the mindfulness and meditation bandwagon before there was a bandwagon. He wrote and shared poetry with the staff and student body, encouraged everyone to take a true lunch break rather than shoveling food into our mouths while grading papers and making copies, and even designated… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Savor Every Bite


Wellness Wednesday: How to be special

Ok, the title was just to get you to read further...because it turns out that trying to be special can be counterproductive to our wellness. There are several recent studies demonstrating that kindness breads happiness and health in those who practice goodwill towards others. Dr. Becky Bailey who coined the term Conscious Discipline asserts the… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: How to be special


Wellness Wednesday: Why Educators Should Meditate

Chronic excessive stress. Detached, cynical attitude. Emotional exhaustion. These characteristics describe a certain percentage of doctors and nurses. But I've seen and experienced my own share of these traits as an educator. Dr. Melissa Ring writes in this article that the same number of people die each year from infections caused by human errors in… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Why Educators Should Meditate


Wellness Wednesday: The Importance of Sleep

The cover of many magazines from women's health to business news entice us with headlines such as, "7 Steps to a Good Night's Sleep" or "Sleep Better Tonight." Recent studies showing the negative impacts of a lack of sleep has researchers suggesting that businesses who don't prioritize their employees' rest will hurt their bottom lines. What's… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: The Importance of Sleep

Innovation Series

How I Innovate: Child Birth Assistance

Here at Ed to Save the World we celebrate "status quo challengers", people who ask, "Is there a more just, sustainable or healthier way to do this?" Today's innovator does just that with the act of child birth. Mary Beth Harris is a birth assistant. Her words follow.  Being a Birth Assistant is a not… Continue reading How I Innovate: Child Birth Assistance