Summer Workshop

“I learned more from Julie in three hours than in at least the last couple years of professional development.” -Becky Derby, veteran teacher, NISD

Summer 2019 will be held in Forsyth County, Georgia on June 24 – 25, 2019. Reserve your spot here

Featuring additional speakers: Jenni Donohoo, Dave Nagel, Tiffany M. Patterson, Trevor Aleo, Erin Leininger and more!

In-depth workshop on conceptual understanding that prepares students for a complex world.

The 21st Century requires transformation of teaching and learning. It’s about:

21st C Learner (2)

  1. Quality of thinking
  2. Depth of understanding
  3. Orientation as a learner
  4. Strength of heart

Participants will receive:

  • A copy of Tools for Teaching Conceptual Understanding
  • Classroom sets and resources to use directly with students
  • Tools for creating lesson plans
  • Tools for creating formative assessments
  • Tools for creating summative assessments
  • Differentiation techniques
  • Rubrics and ways to make the goals visible to students
  • Feedback techniques

Fill out the form below for more information or email with any questions.

Interest form:




Answer questions such as:

  • When is surface-level learning appropriate and how do we do it well?
  • How do we move to deeper learning?
  • How is technology impacting schooling?
  • What do we know about retention of learning and transfer of learning?
  • Why is conceptual understanding critical for the 21st Century?
  • What does research tell us that can inform our practice?
  • What are the essential elements of concept-based curriculum design?
  • What are ways to plan a year-long course?
  • How do we orient students to a different way of learning?
  • What does it look like to build conceptual understanding in the classroom?
  • How do we protect a life-long love of learning?
  • What does a learning progression look like?
  • How do we design ongoing assessments and provide feedback to our students?
  • What is the relationship between concept-based curriculum and other initiatives and best practices?
  • How do we prepare students to solve problems we currently cannot solve?

This advanced-level workshop is designed for those who already have experience in working with the tools created by Dr. Erickson and Dr. Lanning. But there is an introductory or refresher workshop offered on June 24th for those who need more background before jumping in to the advanced portion. Julie has significant experience with IB schools and this is a great workshop for PYP, MYP and DP teachers and coordinators.

View Julie in action here.


“This is the best professional development I’ve ever attended.” – Ayo Magwood, teacher

“Julie Stern is perhaps the most professional, well-informed and generous person that I have encountered in my tenure as a teacher.” – Laura Honeywood, teacher

“Julie Stern is inspiring, knowledgeable and a visionary.” – Irasema Salcido, Founder of Chavez Schools

“My journey began after reading Dr. Erickson’s latest book and attending a two-day training by someone certified by her. When I saw Julie’s materials and heard her explanations, the theory really came to life and I could apply it easily to my classroom. I have a much more complete understanding of concept-based curriculum and instruction now.” – Richard Healy, Deputy Head of Secondary, IB World School

“Wow, if all our lessons were taught the way Julie designs them then our students would have such a deeper level of understanding — and maybe we wouldn’t have as many international conflicts! And the assessments Julie designs really help students think using the concepts they have learned.” – Shana Hansen, Director for Elementary Instruction, NISD, San Antonio, TX

“Julie’s examples of exactly how to teach and assess a concept-based curriculum approach are the best I’ve seen. Her work, along with the work of Dr. Erickson and Dr. Lanning is guiding so much of what we are doing in our district.” – Brenda Booth, P-3 Instructional Support, Burlington-Edison School District, Washington State

“Since she started, the whole atmosphere of the school has changed. Julie Harris Stern has truly superior abilities to meet teachers’ and leaders’ questions and to empower us to learn and grow.“ – Darine Beydoun, School Director

“Julie is the most professional coach I have ever seen in my life. She is inspiring and motivating. Just a few minutes talking about my classroom brings so much clarity and new ideas. I have learned so much from her.”— Nariman Keenan, Deputy Director


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