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This is an all-day pre-conference workshop. Participants will receive: 

  • e-book of Tools for Teaching Conceptual Understanding 
  • access to password protected page with additional resources 
  • brand-new content from unpublished manuscript of new book! 

Join Julie Stern and her extended team for this cutting-edge workshop that harnesses the Visible Learning research to empower students to apply their learning in increasingly complex situations. Afternoon breakout sessions include leadership with Julie Stern, Humanities (ELA & SS) with Trevor Aleo and Nichelle Pinkney, STEM with Kayla Duncan and Julia Briggs, and Early Elementary with Nathalie Lauriault. Concepts and conceptual understanding become the keys that unlock new challenges; and will prepare students for an increasingly changing world. 

Learning Intention: I will learn the role concepts play in helping us to navigate, make sense of, and organize our complex world. 

Cost is $299 per person and includes comprehensive strategies for fostering learning transfer in distance learning and online settings. View agenda here.

Free Webinar Book Study
Directly to your team meeting, anytime


A new, evidence-based, practical guide for Social Studies! We would love to provide an overview and Q and A session with your team with the purchase of 20+ copies of this book. Session provided by either co-author Julie Stern, instructional coach Nichelle Pinkney, or instructional coach Vince Bustamante. Nichelle and Vince have a wealth of experience using the Visible Learning research directly with social studies teachers. 

Sign up here today!  

Custom Virtual Workshops 

Visit our resources page for examples of the type of tools we’ve created for virtual, distance, and blended learning. Partner with us to make sure your teachers continue to grow and offer powerful learning during this difficult time.

This video was custom created for a school working directly with the Learning Transfer team. We can provide targeted workshops and feedback on curriculum design via video workshops and email. 

You can also schedule a time to talk with Julie about your goals for professional learning and how we can work together to build teacher capacity and curriculum documents that facilitate conceptual understanding and learning transfer. Email me for more information: 

Alberta Visible Learning Institute
(September 24th-25th) Virtual Workshop

The Visible Learningplus Institute is a two-day event featuring John Hattie, Jenni Donohoo, and Julie Stern designed to provide you with the tools to identify key takeaways from the Visible Learning research, learn about the five strands of Visible Learning, and identify the difference between influences that impact student learning.

Leadership Support Calls

This video features Jenni Donohoo, expert on leading change and implementation in schools. Here she shares some foundational thinking for leaders to consider on implementing conceptual understanding and learning transfer.

You can also schedule a time to talk with Julie about your leadership plan for implementation, receive feedback and answers to any questions you might have. Email me for more information: 

Making Sense of Learning Transfer

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