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This video features Jenni Donohoo, expert on leading change and implementation in schools. Here she shares some foundational thinking for leaders to consider on implementing conceptual understanding and learning transfer.

You can also schedule a time to talk with Julie about your leadership plan for implementation, receive feedback and answers to any questions you might have. Email me for more information: 

(Monday, February 24th) Houston, TX

This workshop demonstrates practical ways teachers can begin to build the schema in students’ brains that facilitates deeper understanding and the ability to unlock complex problems through learning transfer. 

(March 1st-3rd) Edmonton, Alberta

A Clear 20-20 Vision for Rural Alberta Schools & Communities is the theme of ARES 2020. This year’s symposium will focus on global and local trends in education, and address some critical questions facing rural school divisions. 

Southern Alberta Professional Development Consortium
(Thursday, March 12th) Lethbridge, Alberta

Following from the Foundation Day workshop, this Core Workshop illustrates important principles and related strategies for designing ongoing, formative assessments for conceptual understanding. These assessments, paired with positive feedback, are essential in providing information to both teacher and student about progress and insight into what to do next.

(March 26th-28th) Bangkok, Thailand

Workshop 1: Imagine What School Can Be
Workshop 2: Visible Learning in Social Studies
Workshop 3: Designing Lessons for Real-World Transfer
Workshop 4: 3 Steps to Empower Students to Change the                                World

Innovators don’t invent without a deep understanding of how the world works. With this foundation, they apply deep understanding to solve new problems. In this introduction (REPEAT from June 2019) full day session, Julie will provide tools for how to help students uncover conceptual relationships and transfer them to new situations.

(Friday, May 15th) Red Deer, Alberta

Innovators don’t invent without a deep understanding of how the world works. With this foundation, they apply conceptual understanding to solve new problems. This workshop provides tools for how to help students uncover conceptual relationships and transfer them to new situations.

Annual Visible Learning Pre-Conference
(July 6th) New Orleans, Louisiana

This is an all-day pre-conference workshop. 

How do we successfully move students from surface learning to deeper learning and on to transfer of learning to new situations or tasks? Join Julie Stern, Trevor Aleo, and Nathalie Lauriault for this cutting-edge workshop that harnesses the Visible Learning research to empower students to apply their learning in increasingly complex situations. Concepts and conceptual understanding become the keys that unlock new challenges; and will prepare students for an increasingly changing world. Cost is $350 per person and includes lunch and a copy of Tools for Teaching Conceptual Understanding, Secondary or Elementary. 

Annual Visible Learning Conference
(July 7th-8th) New Orleans, Louisiana

Join Julie and dozens of others for breakout sessions and keynote speakers all discussing the power of implementing the Visible Learning research in their schools and classrooms. Julie Stern and her team will be leading a few breakout sessions on visible teaching, visible leading, and visible learning in social studies. 

Alberta Visible Learning Institute
(September 24th-25th) Edmonton, Alberta

The Visible Learningplus Institute is a two-day event featuring John Hattie, Jenni Donohoo, and Julie Stern designed to provide you with the tools to identify key takeaways from the Visible Learning research, learn about the five strands of Visible Learning, and identify the difference between influences that impact student learning.

Making Sense of Learning Transfer

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