Fellowship Description

The Education to Save the World Fellowship program brings together talented and passionate individuals committed to transforming schools to meet the demands of the 21st century and empowering students to change the world.

The goal of the fellowship is to create a community of educators from around the world who can work together to realize a vision of what schools of the future need to be.  Fellows will have three primary goals:

  1. Deepen their own understanding of how and why schools need to transform and develop their own expertise to make that transformation a reality
  1. Refine the collective understanding of how to transform schools by experimenting with different principles and strategies, reflecting on their impact, and providing feedback to the cohort
  1. Spreading their knowledge and experience throughout their respective networks and school community

These goals will manifest in the following activities.  Fellows, however, are encouraged to create innovative ways of accomplishing the above goals beyond this framework.

  1. Participate in several collaboratives (in-person or virtual depending on location) with other fellows throughout the year.  During these collaboratives fellows will share their learning and ideas with one another in order to strengthen the cohort’s understanding and skills.
  1. Write a few blog posts during the year reflecting on a topic relevant to the transformation of schools.  Fellows are encouraged to share their experience taking risks and the classroom and the lessons learned through that experimentation.
  1. Host one event for other educators to learn more about the future of education and gain new ideas for classroom practice.

Draft Schedule for 2015 Fellows Summit in Washington, DC

Summit cost: $200

Monday, July 6 – Vision and tools

The vision: committing ourselves to education transformation

AM: How has the world changed? What does school need to look like in the 21st century? (gap analysis)

  • Our world needs saving and education is the key lever to pull if we want to make our world more free, just, equal, healthy, and sustainable.

  • The industrial model of education is no longer appropriate for the 21st century and won’t help us create the world we want to see.

  • Transforming schools to meet the demands of the 21st century must involve dismantling and reimagining the industrial model to refocus school on using knowledge to solve real-world problems.

** We used to…but instead we could…

The tools: thinking like innovators

PM: How can we best organize school so that students use the knowledge they learn now, not later?

  • In order to transform schools, we have to think differently about structure, environment, curriculum, instruction, assessment.

  • In order to transform schools we must transform what it means to lead, teach, and learn.

* More in-depth with our 5 stages – what does it look like to truly re-think school?

* Incorporate design thinking, etc. into protocols for how to think differently in order to do differently

Evening: Optional networking dinner

Tuesday, July 7 – Collaboration and application

Innovating Through Collaboration

AM: What explicitly should school look like especially given my unique circumstances?

  • Collaboration in like-situation groups – idea development

  • Collaboration in different situation groups – generate questions to drive improvement

Refining and Finalizing Plans to Present

PM: Continue drafting action plans based on personal circumstances.

  • Individual work time with self-assessment check in (with some sort of rubric?)

Wednesday, July 8 – Feedback for improvement and collective commitments

Contextualizing Our Work

AM: Q and A with Dr. Tony Wagner, Author of Creating Innovators and Expert in Residence at Harvard Innovation Lab

Presentations and Feedback

PM: Action Plan Presentations and Expo with feedback from dozens of education leaders

Closing the Summit

Collective commitments: Envisioning success and how we will support each other moving forward

Evening: Optional networking cocktail reception with education experts


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